Go to a country side, work as a volunteer, stay with a family -Mongolia-

Have you ever heard about “Workaway” which you can basically work as a volunteer and get food and a bed in return?

It is a great way to meet anyone who is willing to show you a nomad way of life in Mongolia. It is perfect for budget tourists especially when you are a type of person who wants to experience the local life.

I went on the website, registered (paid about $40 for two of us), and contacted a host in Khovsgol, Mongolia. It is one of the nation’s major attractions with beautiful lake and nature. Here on this page, I will share the great experience I had with you.

  1. Horse Trekking
  2. Staying in a Ger
  3. Staying with a Family
  4. Great Working Experience

Horse Trekking 

I told the host that I want to go on a horse trekking and this is what he did for us. He organized a private 3 nights-4 days tour for $30 per person. A guide came to pick us up at our Ger with 4 horses and all the gears we needed. We packed our food, water, a tent, sleeping bags, and clothing into a bag, and he used one horse to carry our and his bags. Each of us got a horse and we got on them a second later. Having no practice made me a bit worried, but soon after I realized that the horses were well trained and probably were so used to “carrying” a tourist like me. We went to the top of mountain during the tour and took the photo below.

Khovsgol Lake where you can see Russia on the other side.

Khovsgol Lake where you can see Russia on the other side.

Staying in a Ger

You need to experience this. You are going to start thinking why all the Mongolian food is served in one plate or in a ball. I came to a conclusion that it is partly because they use only a stove to cook everything at a time…

In our case, the host let us stayed in one of the 5 Gers that he had as guesthouses.

A girl helping us to make fire

A girl helping us to make fire

Staying with a Family 

It’s the greatest part of Workaway, I believe. You will get to see how they live and get to eat what they eat. You share everything with them, and they are happy to share it with you. I had so much to learn from the lady who let us stayed, also from an American guy, named Ben who worked with us there.

Ken, Ott, me, and Ben.

Ken, Ott, me, and Ben.

Great Working Experience

No photo here. We were so busy working, therefore we had no time to take a photo. I am really happy that I did this though. It might sound a shame to some of you, but I’ve never drawn water or chopped woods in my life. She let me do that and also to cut the wool off 5 sheep with scissors. She also let me try to milk the awkward looking yaks. Cleaning shits was the worst job she gave us then, but the best memory now. It was fun because I worked in a team with Ken, my fiance, and Ben, the wonderful American guy.

These experiences we had through Workaway made us want to use it again in Malaysia, the next stop of our journey.
Thank you for reading. (written by Mia)


We took a public transportation to get to Khovsgol from Ulan Bator.

Take a bus from Nomin Super Market or State Department Store on Peace Ave and go about 10-15 mins and get off at Dragon Station.

I recommend you to go to the station on the previous day of your journey just to buy the ticket.


  1. Wow sounds amazing! The horseback riding sounds amazing- that view!!! wow!

    1. Mia More · · Reply

      Thank you for dropping by our website! Horseback riding is a must activity when you go to Mongolia.

  2. Zofia · · Reply

    Hi i was wandering if you still had the contact details of this Mongolian host? Like an email, i would love to contact them!

    Thanks Zofia

    1. Helo. I might still have but it is the email provided by workaway. It is easy to fine them on workaway because there are only two hosts in the country. If you still want it, please let me know with your email address. I might able to find it from my inbox. 🙂

      1. Zofia · ·

        Hi Mia, that would be great send it to zofiazoltkowski@gmail.com, thanks zofia

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