Monthly Archives: October 2013

Floating Market, Maeklong Market and a Delicious Lunch in One Day

What is floating market in Bangkok? -It is a market where each seller is on a thin boat filled with their products slowly paddling on a river. It was conventional back in the days when river was the popular mean of transportation. Today it is targeted the younger generation of Thai and the tourists from […]

Buying a Motorcycle in Bangkok

We are traveling the world sometimes by air, bus, train, boat, and any kind of popular transportation in a country where we are from time to time. However sometimes it sucks that we need to rely on limited options of transportation and can’t travel freely. Especially it is stressful when the transportation is under poor […]

Grocery Shopping at a Gigantic Mall and Make Miso Soup

Grocery shopping in Bangkok should be inexpensive usually except for the supermarkets in a huge mall like The Mall in Bangkapi. I was very surprised to see how gigantic the shopping mall is and the number of Japanese enterprises as Uniqulo and Yamazaki Bakery in the mall. Our friend’s mother, Toi, who is letting us […]

Soy Bean and Bitter Gourd

We were very interested to see such a fancy residential area in Thailand, and more over, we were very lucky to stay there. After entering a security into the district, we witnessed huge houses, a swimming pool and a golf yard in the residential area. Toi, a mother of my friend told me that it’s […]

A Restaurant where You can Purchase Happiness

“Leave your worried and emotional before get in to Steve Cafe and Cuisine. Then just sit, wait, talk, eat drink, that is we call happiness!!” This is what is written at the entrance of the restaurant. Food tastes as mild as what mom or grandmother makes for you, but every dish is presented as nice […]

Eating Out at Food Stalls in Thailand

You would never get bored with Thai food as long as you are willing to try out many food stalls on streets. Of course the more money you have the more varieties of options you get. However sometimes just changing a street helps discovering new food because those food stalls try to avoid competition with […]

Why Don’t You Party if You Are in Thailand?!

Finally we are in Thailand! Khao San Road, a famous backpacker district in Thailand and maybe in the world. This short street with a strong sense of memory is refereed to “the place to disappear”, or “a short road that has the longest dream in the world.”. “It is not for Thais to hang around […]