Buying a Motorcycle in Bangkok

We are traveling the world sometimes by air, bus, train, boat, and any kind of popular transportation in a country where we are from time to time. However sometimes it sucks that we need to rely on limited options of transportation and can’t travel freely. Especially it is stressful when the transportation is under poor conditions. So we decided to get two motorcycles in Thailand and travel through Burma, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. (Vietnam might be difficult to cross the border since the nation isn’t the member of international driving permit.) I am going to share some information to buy a motorcycle in Thailand.

Proper documentation?

We have never known what is the formal documentation because all the travel blogs say different stuff. However we found the following websites useful.
What we needed to show to the shop

1. Passports
2. International drivers permits

What kind of documents we received after purchasing the motorcycles

1. a proof of insurance (to show the police when we get accident)
2. a booklet of ownership statement (to show a motorbike shop when we sell them next time)
Sorry we don’t know accurately because they are in Thai! Just to make sure, we asked for a photo copy of the shop owner’s ID and drivers license as well.

What we purchased
Two rusty second-hand Honda 110cc plus attaching the carriers and getting all the parts repaired


How much?
Total 40,000thb (But one of them got engine problems soon after so we changed the engine to a new one which costed 3,000thb)




Somewhere on Rama 1 Rd. I attach a shop card here, but it’s in Thai.

There is Energy of Ministry about 500m away. (17 Rama 1 Rd, Kasatsuk Bridge,Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330. )
You see Energy of Ministry on the left hand side, leaving Khao San road behind you, and about 500m further, there is a motorbike shop on your right hand being across from a big temple.

with the shop owner and a random man who helped us getting here and everything

with the shop owner and a random man who helped us getting here and everything

Good luck!


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