Floating Market, Maeklong Market and a Delicious Lunch in One Day

What is floating market in Bangkok?

-It is a market where each seller is on a thin boat filled with their products slowly paddling on a river. It was conventional back in the days when river was the popular mean of transportation. Today it is targeted the younger generation of Thai and the tourists from outside of Thailand. The main products on the floating market seem to be the souvenirs of arts, dresses, small house decorations, and accessories, yet some of the floating markets still sell fresh products like mongo, Chinese grapefruit, banana, and so on.DSC_4608DSC_4660DSC_4637

It costs 500thb plus some tips to hire a boat. If you think of a taxi or a tuktuk on ground, the boat is rather expensive. However, the price of the products at shops seem to be not expensive but same as other markets.

Is it still worth to go?
-Yes. You will still have fun to shop on the river and have favorite fruits and drinks on a boat feeling nice breeze. Besides the sellers on the boats, there are also shops along the river and you will be shocked to see the water level right below the floor of those shops. I was also very interested to see the housings on the river and a school and a temple on the river side. That led to this question; how those people live in a house on a river? Is it easy?

There are around five floating markets in Bangkok. The one we went to is called Damnoen Saduak.

it is a school

it is a school

a house

a house

beautiful temple on the riverside

beautiful temple on the riverside

DSC_4725feeding fish with its bait that our friend bought at a templefeeding fish with its bait that our friend bought at a temple

What is Maeklong Market?

-It is a market on a railway. People also call it Umbrella Pulldown Market named after how quickly the sellers close their umbrellas to prepare for the train to approach. The market is one of the biggest fresh fish market in Thailand and the local people also would love to go there to shop.


Eat Lunch a little bit away from the floating market

-Touristy area doesn’t serve good authentic food for cheap price. So stay away from the market area, drive even 5 minutes and find an open air restaurant along the road to sit. Usually you can tell the good shop easily by how crowded it is. The lunch we had was grilled checkin, pork, papaya salad, mushroom soup and salad, sticky rice. Three of us ate full and it was only 300 thb.



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