Monthly Archives: October 2013

Rice Paddy in Java

The rice production of Japan is ranked the 9th, Indonesia is the 3rd in the world! Rice production in indonesia has been the center of life of the people for long time like in Japan.

Our Quarter Japanese Indonesian Friend is a Pro of Taking Coconuts

I had a sense that Indonesia can go wild when I first entered this country. As soon as I saw this guy, Hendly, cut off 5 coconuts by his knife on the coconut tree, I wondered how many Japanese can do the same thing at the same speed. Interesting enough to me, his grand father […]

Bigger the City, More Variety of Food

One of the reasons why I needed to make it to Indonesia is to see the lands of more than 300 languages spoken by more than 8000 inhabitants in one nation! Within an island like Sulawesi, it looks clearly that food and the economic development widely differ even in the eye of a tourist like me. […]

Divers Get to Taste Miso Soup

The photo was taken in the kitchen in a guesthouse in Bunaken Island where thousands of fish and coals attract divers from all over the world. Miso soup was served to the international divers on the 5th day of my stay there. They loved it!

Milu Siram, Golontaro’s Local Dish

Milu Siram is a local delicacy in Gorontalo, Indonesia. It is a corn soup with grated coconut, fish, salt, non avoidable MSG :-(, and optional chili and lime.

Okonomiyaki and Miso Soup

Sharing okonomiyaki and miso soup with the family. The source for okonomiyaki was based on soy source and lime and chili added. Miso soup is no longer alien to this family. 🙂

Having Miso Soup with a Local Fisher Man

Amai Milon is the name of the fisher man we admire. When we tired to catch fish we got only 20 of small fish. When he goes to sea, he catches incredible variety of fish.