Monthly Archives: November 2013

Myanmar Warmly Welcomes You

It’s been a week since we entered Myanmar from Mae Sai, so called “Golden Triangle” of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Unfortunately I am one of those who haven’t had enough contacts with South East Asian countries to tell their cultures and people apart correctly. I am getting better at this though since I am traveling […]

Good Bye Our Motorcycles

After driving them for a month, they definitely appealed to us as such lovable motorbikes that we don’t want to let them go away! Now I miss them so much. We planned to travel around South East Asia such as Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam with the motorcycles, BUT we failed. Why? We bought […]

Amazing Sop Pong

I recommend you one particular guest house and a town in Thailand. The guesthouse is called Cave Lodge and it locates at a small town called Sop Pong where is between Mai Hong Song and Pai in Northern Thailand. The image below is the location. I borrowed the image from the webpage of Cave Lodge. […]

Sticky Rice Brings Happiness

Thai people in the northern and northeastern regions eat sticky rice with the hands by making a little ball and dipping it into other dishes. It is sweeter and a lot stickier than the ordinary rice. It feels like time flows slowly in North Thailand as you eat the sticky rice until you become full […]

Driving Motorcycles from Bangkok to Myanmar Border

Have you ever heard of Asian High Way (AH)? It is a road that sounds like Silk Road at modern times, and does connect Japan and Turkey!!! However AH doesn’t have a long history as Silk Road and was established recently for the surrounding countries to raise their brand as a tourist attraction and friendship […]

What’s in Our Bags?

We are backpackers who are traveling round the world. We go to places where we can camp,  in both cold and hot weather. I would like to share the items that we think it is good to bring with you for your trip. Backpack – It is always good have a big backpack. Of course […]

Giving away Miso to a Japanese Man who Lives in a Country Side of Thailand

We came down to Mae Ra Noi near Mae Sariang in Thailand to see a Japanese man who spends his life after retirement there. He grows 7 different kinds of mangos and coffee beans on the field where he purchased. He had another dream that he goes to Cuba and relax there while smoking cigar. […]