Giving away Miso to a Japanese Man who Lives in a Country Side of Thailand

We came down to Mae Ra Noi near Mae Sariang in Thailand to see a Japanese man who spends his life after retirement there. He grows 7 different kinds of mangos and coffee beans on the field where he purchased. He had another dream that he goes to Cuba and relax there while smoking cigar. He told us about his stories when he was working as a sailor when he was young.

He hasn’t gone back to Japan for 3-4 years now. Although he has been in Thailand for so long, he never skipped eating Miso soup. So I thought it would be a good idea to give him my miso which has only a little bit left. I wished to give him more, but it was all I had. He was happy to get miso especially his miso in his house just ran out on the day before.

He was such a wonderful man very eager to try new things.

tasting cigar

tasting cigar





mango tree

mango tree



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