What’s in Our Bags?

We are backpackers who are traveling round the world. We go to places where we can camp,  in both cold and hot weather. I would like to share the items that we think it is good to bring with you for your trip.

trip items

  • Backpack – It is always good have a big backpack. Of course the lighter the better, however it is more important to give it some space in your bag. Especially if you are planning to cook your own food sometime on the travel, you are going to need the space to stuff the food, coffee, tea, and so on.
  • Saron – You can get them in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is very useful when it is cold due to air conditioning in a public transportation or when your cheap hotels are not clean and you need something to cover yourself, and etc.
  • Clothes– Prepare the clothes that can get dried easily, especially for t-shirts and pants. Two short sleeve t-shirts, two long sleeve t-shirts, warm underwear and a fleece jacket, a thin down jacket, good rain suits are enough to travel the world.
  • Sun mask – We have Patagonia sun masks and very useful to avoid sun burning.
  • Towel – Prepare one big or two small towels that can get dried easily.
  • Sub bag – Water proofed zipper shoulder bag is good. Consider both your safety and the usability. I really like my Fritag bag.
  • Strings – It is very useful to hang the laundry after hand washing them at your hotel if you want to save money from coin laundry service.
  • Camera – If you like camera, bring whatever you like! If you don’t favour specific camera, then iphone camera is good enough. Each of us has Nikon D90 and D3200, and it’s worth carrying them around because we like taking good photos!
  • Smart phone – You can still appreciate the phone without connecting it to the telephone line or the internet :
    • as a map
    • as a dictionary
    • as a camera
    • as a book
  • PC – We definitely support MacBook Air. If you like to store and edit photos, write blogs, tablets won’t be enough. MacBook Air is as thin as iPad but powerful as other PC.
  • Handy heating electric coil – You can boil water and have tea by yourself.

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