Good Bye Our Motorcycles

After driving them for a month, they definitely appealed to us as such lovable motorbikes that we don’t want to let them go away! Now I miss them so much.

We planned to travel around South East Asia such as Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam with the motorcycles, BUT we failed.

Why? We bought the second hand motorcycles legally in Bangkok, but as foreigners we were not allowed to own them but to rent them from the owner who is the shop owner. It is legal as long as we drive in the county and sell them in the country, but not for crossing the border of Thailand!!! Usually Thai people are allowed to cross the border by riding motorcycles at Mae Sai, but not for us. It was very disappointing because some foreign people on random blogs seemed to manage it well. I am not sure if it depended on the officer or simply the others had a different situation from us. They might have a place to live in Thailand and were the owners of their motorbikes. Who knows.

My motorcycle had a problem in its engine which had tiny cracks so the oil was everywhere inside even in a water tank for cooling the engine. So I paid 1,000 tbt to a repair shop to fix it, waited for a whole day to receive it, but needed to sell it a few days later. That is sad! On the same day I found the problem in the engine, my fiance, Ken got injury and got four stitches! It was such a bad day. I drove Ken’s crappy motorbike with Ken on the back seat and rushed to a hospital. My motorcycle was at a repair shop and then I needed to bring Ken to a hospital. Thanks god he was treated well.

My motorcycle being repaired

My motorcycle being repaired

Ken at a hospital

Ken at a hospital

Anyway, we bought the motorcycles for 40,000 tbt all together. How much we sold them for? Oh please don’t ask.

…It’s only 8,500 tbt with full Petrogas which worth about 500 tbt…

They were both honda 110cc, which sound cool enough for a lot of Thai people to want them. The problem was the four gears and the clutch. If you carefully look at what Thai people drive, they have either scooters or automated transmission type. Therefore our motorcycles had little demand from the Thai people.

We sold the bikes as soon as we figured out that we cannot cross the border with them, and on the next day of selling them, we walked into Tachilek, Myanmar and flew to Yangon.

Bye bye our motorcycles. (sigh)

at Mae Sai border

at Mae Sai border

at Mae Sai border

at Mae Sai border

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