Monthly Archives: December 2013

Mysterious Tibet

India was my second time to go. This is why I already had an image of “India” in my mind, however, I have to say it was definitely something else that I witnessed here in Bodhgaya.  What I saw was the Buddhist pilgrims from around the world including Tibet. When I was taking photos at Mahabodhi […]

Burmese Food

It is always good to see things in your eye rather than hearing things over media. I never had a clear idea of what Myanmar is like until I came there. I think it happens not only to me because many things in Myanmar are still veiled in mystery. Many places in the country are forbidden for […]

Purchasing a Cookbook

I purchased a book titled “Cook and Entertain the Burmese Way” by Mi Mi Khaing, published in 1978. This book is very valuable since it was the first attempt of a Burmese woman to write about their culture in English. This book is very interesting! I expected it to be just a cookbook, but the […]

I am Glad I Came to Myanmar

“I Love This Country!” I fell in love with Myanmar. The people always quietly but warmly smiled to me. Yangon was filled with energy of the venders, shoppers, monks, kids, and men drinking tea or working. I liked so much of the atmosphere of the places I have traveled in the country, and I appreciated […]

Lifestyle of a Myanmar Monk

I’ve written how I made miso soup to a monk named Uvi Seita in Meiktila, Myanmar on the past blog (in Japanese only). This time, let me write what Uvi explained to us to grasp the idea of the monks’ life style. The monks in Myanmar The monks earn high regard from the people in […]