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How to make Aloo dum, the potato curry

It’s potato curry. There seemed to be various kinds of ways to cook Indian “curry”. This time I first tried to stir fry the potato with coriander, and boil them with lots of spices. This is a very popular way of cooking curry in India! <Ingredients> water oil a few potatoes half cauliflower 4 tomato […]

How to make Pakari

Pakari is like Japanese tempra. Any fresh seasonal vegetable can be cooked with spices and mustard oil and eat while it’s hot! It has distinct flavor from Japanese tempra and it is very tasty. <Ingredients> mustard oil water eggplant or any seasonal vegetable onion green onion tempra power salt black peppar haldi power <Preparation> Slice […]

How to Make Kheer, Sugata Milk-rice

Milk-rice, kheer in Hindi, is a very sweet, nutritious and tasty Indian dessert that is made of rice and some dried fruit like raisons and coconuts cooked in milk. This dessert is considered very important in India and in Buddhism because of one story about Gotama Siddhartha receiving kheer from Sugata. Sugata who lived in […]

How to Make Chai Tea

Let me share the recipe of chai tea that I learned at Mr. Indera’s house. milk tea leaves sugar cardamon, if you have ginger water, if you like I shall start making chai under the clear blue sky! 1. Warm the milk in a pot. At Mr> Indera’s house, we used animal damp for the […]

How to Make Indian Chicken Curry

I would like to share a recipe of a REAL checkin curry that I learned from an Indian person who lives in Bodhgaya, India. She is a wife of Mr. Indeara who’s got a nickname of “drunken uncle”. I’ve never asked the wife’s name considering the Indian culture not to ask wive’s names so easily. […]

A girl drawing water

Indian Beauty

I met her while I was visiting another friend of mine in Bodhgaya, India. The way she dresses in red and blue and the rhythm of pumping water, sunshine and the sound of pouring water, everything there made the moment so brilliant! I love this pic except that it’s a bit out of focus. :p

Miso-soup by a Japanese Chef in Bodhgaya

I met a great Japanese chef in Bodhgaya. His name is Hiroshi and works as a chief cook of Japanese food section in a upper class hotel, Regency Hotel Bodhgaya. How fancy it is, to give you an idea, that his full-course meal of Japanese cuisine costs 1500 to 1800Rp whereas one plate of local […]