How to Make Kheer, Sugata Milk-rice

Milk-rice, kheer in Hindi, is a very sweet, nutritious and tasty Indian dessert that is made of rice and some dried fruit like raisons and coconuts cooked in milk. This dessert is considered very important in India and in Buddhism because of one story about Gotama Siddhartha receiving kheer from Sugata. Sugata who lived in the Senani Village, now often called Sugata Village, saw Gotama Siddhartha meditating under the banyan tree to achieve enlightenment, and offered him kheer. After he eat the kheer, he successfully achieved enlightenment and became Buddha. I learned the recipe from a very nice wife of Mr. Indera. It is certainly a lot more tasty than what you get in a restaurant. Here is the special recipe!


1.5l milk
3cups rice
3cups sugar
a few pieces of cardamon
1/2cup raisins
1/2cup dried coconuts
1/2cup dried dates

*the dried fruits could be anything. Some people use nuts as well.



1. wash the rice and soak in water
2. chop the coconuts and dates into 0.5cm

taking off stones and things other than rice

taking off stones and things other than rice



1. warm the milk in a pot
2. add cardamon and dried fruits
3. add rice and cover the pot
4. let it boiled for 5 minutes avoiding boiled over
5. add sugar
6. stir with strong heat
7. weaken the heat not to be boiled over, covering the pot for 20-30minutes
8. put off the heat, leave it for 20 minutes to make it milder and cooled off

Rice should be soft enough. You will be very warmed up after eating this nutritious dessert!









  1. My Mama used to make me this as a child.. thank for bringing back the memory

    1. Mia More · · Reply

      That’s nice.

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