How to make Pakari

Pakari is like Japanese tempra. Any fresh seasonal vegetable can be cooked with spices and mustard oil and eat while it’s hot! It has distinct flavor from Japanese tempra and it is very tasty.

mustard oil
eggplant or any seasonal vegetable
green onion
tempra power
black peppar
haldi power

Slice the eggplant into 1cm width
Slice the onion into 0.5cm width

1. add water into tempra power
2. add haldi power and salt and peppar
3. heat the oil in a pot
4. blend the eggplant with 1. and 2.
5. start deep frying 4.
6. flip over the eggplants in the oil after one side is cooked
7. take them off the oil
8. when you finish with all the eggplants, add onions, green onion, coriander and blend them with 1. and 2.
9. round off 9. and start deep frying
10. flip over them as one side is cooked
11. take them off the oil









People gather in the kitchen eat pieces as they are cooked. It tastes the best when it’s too hot to eat almost! You can sprinkle a little bit of salt over as you like.


  1. they read like great eating!! this dish is going into my must make list for sure! Thanks!

    1. Mia More · · Reply

      Thank you! Enjoy!!

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