I Made Miso Curry to Kids at an Orphanage

Hello, I’m going to report how I made miso curry this time from India! To see the original text, visit MISO SOUP IN THE WORLD > 世界新聞 for my article.


Although India is famous for it’s rapid economic growth which is often referred to be the fastest among the other countries in the past, at the same time, notorious for the wide poverty. Did you know that there is a state in India that is notably poorer than the other states? The state where I visited is Bihar, which is left behind the other states’ industrial economic growth today. 2

In Sugata village (Bakrour village), there is a free school run by a Japanese NPO, namely Niranjana. The school started off with a small open-air class, and now it grew up to have more than 500 students in a concrete building. 3

The school also provides an orphanage shelter for about 25 children who do not have home, parents or do have but not under circumstances to commute to school.4

One of the administrators of this school and orphanage told me, “When they grow up, I hope that they bring some of the income back to the village. Then their relatives including their future children hopefully can access to basic welfare to live better and educate their children again. I believe and also teach to the villagers that education brings the positive chain not only to their families or this village but hopefully also to Bihar, India, and even to the global world.”

This has been said, now I move to the main story, miso curry which I made to the children live in the orphanage. I usually make miso soup in this trip, I decided to use miso to curry because that is something they eat everyday, and it is still effective for miso to work in curry.

My partner is this mom. She makes meals everyday for the kids at this orphanage and kids love her.

Oh well, let’s ignore how the kitchen did not look clean.

First, let’s cut the potatoes.

Somehow she washes it after cutting them. (It’s the other way around in Japan!)

Red chili that cannot be missed

Round eggplants

Tomato too!

Start stir frying from the kind of vegetables that require long time to cook, then add other vegetables in the same manner.

Add several kinds of spices.

And, now the time for miso!

I asked her permission to put miso to the curry by explaining how healthy it is to eat it. She did not like to try tasting it, but smiled and said “ok” to add miso, which is probably her first time to see it.

After adding water to cook for a while, add the miso and stir.

She cooks about 30 cups of rice.

Children come to see how the cooking is going and if it is ready to eat.

Kids line up and serve by themselves. They bring it back to where ever they want to eat and start eating individually. They serve dal which is lentil soup on top of rice, and also serve curry beside it.

Finally it is ready to eat! How is it going to taste with rice and dal!? I hope it’s good.

I asked some of the kids, “How is it?! Do you taste any difference? I added miso which is good for their health!”

They said, “Yes, I realized! It is really good.”24

What I wanted to deliver afterwards was not the taste of miso but my wish for them to grow up healthy. Every single kid there was adorable. I would be happy to see them how they grow up to be.

Many thanks to the mom who helped me cooking.


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