Hindu Style Wedding: Look at The Old Indian Lady’s Serious Face

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 20th
It is the second day of the wedding ceremony. Hindu monk showed up and the ritual finally became full-scaled. I also felt that those Indian women’s facial expressions were very exotic and amazing.

The couple followed the instruction not to wash the turmeric paintings away and waited for a religious ritual to begin.


This is the monk to conduct the ritual prayer. He brought a certain atmosphere.


Behind the monk and the couple, there were Indian ladies, some of them were old, watching, singing and sometime helping to paint new layers of turmeric. I guess it was their important job in this ritual.


Including the couple, we, the Japanese crowd, had no idea about how the programme goes at all. There was one Japanese high school kid who goes to a local high school here (wow!), he translated from Hindi to Japanese.


Crumbling grass for some kind of ritual.


The man in the center is Siddarta who is one of the administrators of the NPO-run free school and clinic in this village. He is the chairman of this wedding too. Actually it was really honour to meet this guy who started all those projects to save the villagers. His belief in volunteering is something that I really admire.


Old ladies came up to the couple and started painting red powder on their faces. You can see how serious she is from her facial expression.

It is a wedding. A Hindu wedding. It must be important for Hindi people and I should not mix it up with Japanese “Christian style buddhist’s wedding”. Sure it must be something the attendance has to be serious about.




This cute baby was here through out the wedding. Not sure how many pics I have taken of her!


The kids are happy when I turn around and pretend to take photos of them.


Kids are kids. It is universal that they are greedy for fun stuff.


I got involved and turmeric on my face too. I look like being shot by a gun.


Tomorrow is the main wedding day.

Indian style wedding is famous for its spectacular ceremony. It will be lots of music and dances tomorrow. I have heard that Indian kids learn how to dance at school and therefore they are good at it.

I am looking forward to seeing them dance tomorrow.

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