Indian are Excited, Japanese Couple Have a Wedding in Hindu Style

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 18th
We ran back to Bodhgaya from Varanasi for a wedding ceremony that was going to be held by a Japanese couple in Hindu style!

The place of the wedding was Sugata village (official name is Bakrour) where is half an hour away from the central Bodhgaya. I have been repeatedly explaining about this place that it has been famous since Buddha reached his enlightenment after receiving milk-rice from a young lady named Sugata.

Actually we met this couple only a week ago. We had heard about this wedding from our Japanese friend who lives in Bodhgaya. Word spreads in a small community easily. So we went to see this couple to congratulate, then they invited us to attend their ceremony.

It is a guesthouse called Sachi Home in Sugata village that they are going to have the wedding. We also stayed there during the wedding period. Sachi Home is ran buy the same person as the administrator of NPO group, Niranjana. Niranjana is sort of famous in this village for its devoting activities to conduct free school for children including an orphanage and a health care center. This wedding became a big event for all the villagers who live here or work for those welfare facilities.

Speaking of a wedding, it requires for 5 days! When we came back from Varanasi and saw their arms, they were pained by henna and it was 5 days before the main wedding day.


It is a beautiful artwork!


Although I did not about this, Henna is also famous in Japan to decorate hands. It stays there for several weeks until fades out slowly. I also heard that it can be used as an alternative to tattoo sometime. It is their arms for today, and legs tomorrow, they said.

I would like to give you reports of the wedding in my coming up blogs.


  1. omg this is so awesome!!!

  2. Mia More · · Reply

    Yup! It was awesome!!!

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