South Indian Dishes from Kerala

It has been a week since we came down to Trivandrum, Kerala in the south from Bodhgaya, Bihar in the north east!
India can be very roughly divided into north and south, and here in the south I have tried many dishes that never seen in the north.
I introduce some of our breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea!

Beakfast or lunch
Banana fritter -perfect for breakfast

Onion oothappam -oothappam bread is made of rice power. It’s like okonomiyaki.

Lunch or dinner
Thali -more than 10 different kinds of curry in small balls

Parotta with curry -thicker and sticker than chapati bread in the north

Ghee roast -simple crepe with curry

Masala Dosa -crepe that is stuffed with curried mashed potato

Fruit salad -many different kinds of fruit in one ball

pineapple juice -sweetest pineapple I ever tasted

lemon ginger soda -soda cools off the heat of the body

coffee -this is what I missed the most in the north probably

vegetable cutlet with coffee -curried smashed potato is made into a ball and deep fried. The sauce was probably smoothened beet mixed with curd

These are the dishes that we have come across in Trivandrum. It sure will be more dishes to be found when our dairy activities widen.

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