Turmeric Spread Over Faces

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 19th
The Hindu style wedding by a Japanese couple began. decorations on the bodies, religious rituals, strong curiosities of the villagers attracted us and did not leave our eyes off.

This wedding ceremony is held for three days. Because It is said to be five days usually in Hindi weddings, they made a “shorter” ceremony. Even so, it seems really long to me when a wedding ceremony takes only a few hours in Japan.

Jan 21st was the last day, at the same time main day. It is this day to invite all the villagers and it will be relatively quite rituals until then. It looks like those preparation services are held only by family members or close people.

“Could we help you with something?”

We offered our help without knowing our possible tasks. They then asked us to prepare the invitation cards. I was surprised because the wedding is in two days and now is the time to deliver the cards?! Oh well culture differences could be everywhere.


We finished folding the cards and put them in envelops.


After we were done with the job, they took us outside.

“You are not cold?!” The couple was asked by Siddarta who is in charge of the whole event.

“We are fine.” They answered. Then suddenly a few village women came to them and painted plenty of turmeric power on their faces! Can you imagine how it smells nice like herb but really strong?


It looks pretty on the henna job which was done yesterday.


They takes red power as well to paint them.


Henna, anklets, turmeric all together looked beautiful.


It is nice, isn’t it.


More village women came and stared at them. Sometimes sang a song in Hindi.


We joined to paint them also!


When there are women, there are children too. They loved being in my camera.




This was pretty much the event on the day time.

The spiced up couple with the turmeric was not supposed to take a bath until the main wedding day. They reminded me of Indian curry.


After Sun went down, again singing and turmeric rituals began.



What they were holding was sweets and money. They had to listening to a ritual prayer in this posture for hours.


This is how the wedding began.

I was happy to be in a part of this wedding and experience all these.

By the way, we were asked, “You guys haven’t done your wedding yet right? Do it here next year!”

I don’t know how many times I was told this. Then I laughed it off every time thinking that that might be fun.

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