[PDF] What is Miso

Making miso soup is an event through out my trip. It is going slowly but has a steady progress.

For example, people who eat miso soup that I make always seem to be happy to be my guests. Especially the people in Mongolia, Europe, Thailand, India seemed to have enjoyed the taste. Funnily enough, the people who was the happiest to eat it was, well, Japanese.

What I can say after all is that they are happy to eat something that “someone made just for them”. This is very nice result for me. However, it led to my doubt that it doesn’t have to be “miso” to deliver the happy moment.

My activity to serve miso soup could gain greater meaning if my guests can think that “It was good that I got to eat miso soup!”. In order to do so, I thought showing a document that well explains about what it is and its nutritions. I can show it quickly to them from my i pod touch, then, they could possibly understand why it is “miso” but not something else.

So here is what I made. →[PDF] What is Miso


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