I Made Yoginis Try Miso-soup

I stayed at a Yoga ashram for 10 days in India where of course is the birthplace of yoga.

The 10 days turned out to be not just a relaxing luxury vacation but also stimulating because of the ongoing meetings with new people and spending lots of time with those who are from different parts of the world.

I stayed in a dorm with approximately 16 girls. When I eat, it would be in a huge dining room with about 150 – 200 people. We were also expected to attend 4 hours of yoga class, 1 hour of voluntary work, and 2 hours of lecture, 3 hours of chanting mantras everyday. The rest was free time finally and I spent most of the time just relaxed not doing much.

Yoga, in the first place, does not aim for having beautiful body or being flexible. It rather focuses on balancing the body, mind and soul, and managing oneself, also to connecting oneself with a communal living as a whole. I have never come across this idea as I have taken some beginners yoga lessons both in Japan and Canada. In fact, this Sivananda yoga programme teaches vegetarian eating, proper breathing, relaxing, meditating and positive thinking, and working voluntarily on top of physical exercise. I myself cleaned the women’s dorms everyday as the volunteer part of the yoga.

As this idea can be very attractive to many people, there were different levels of yoga practitioners keep coming from all over the world to this Sivananda Yoga ashram.

For example, my roommates were from Poland, Russia, Holland, Germany, France, Portugal, US, Taiwan and etc… There was a girl who was interested in miso among them.

I decided to treat miso soup to this girl on the last day of my stay. As I was giving it to her, some other girls seemed to be interested to join us.

“What is it?”
–“Miso soup.”
“What is miso?”
–“It’s made of fermented soybeans. I’ll make you try one.” At the end I made like 5 servings to the girls around us.

Some seemed a bit scared to eat it first but gave me a nice comment at the end, and some even asked me the brand of the miso that I had because she said it was taster than what she has tried back home.

I was happy to bring up some fun stuff and share the moment with my roommates who have spent days together and became to know each other more. It was very nice that what I shared was miso soup which is perfect for us who like to live healthy and happy.

–Small Talks–

“Do cats like miso?”

This is a story about a cat loved miso.

There is a cat that lives in this institute. He or she comes to my bed and sleeps on it. I am a person who doesn’t know how to play or deal with cats well.

One day I figured out why she likes my bed! She smelt the miso in my backpack. I was opening the plastic bag of miso, and at the next moment, the cat ran crazy at me.

I tried to bring her out by taking a spoonful miso and luring her (or him) out.

But she did not eat it! She licked it but got bored of it soon. She repeated that for a couple times but finally did not finish it. I wonder what made her so crazy to run at miso or to sleeping on my bed. Maybe she was just being hungry. I don’t know. I really have no idea whether INDIAN cats like miso or not.

*The Yoga ashram’s website: https://www.sivananda.org/neyyardam/ (Sivananda Yoga Ashram)








This is the cat!


Sleeping on my bed

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  1. Sara · · Reply

    Hey Mia 🙂 it was fantastic meeting you and Ken! And to say again… The Miso was fabulous!! Wishing you good travels ….

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