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Growing Distrust against India Post

Source: Ken’s blog on 8th March 2014 We have come to the conclusion that we are never going to use India Post again! What they have done to us was that terrible. All the inquiries that we have made with India Post have completely failed. Not even single parcel has arrived without any problem. This […]

Happy Shopping Souvenir in Bodhgaya

Source: Ken’s blog on March 7th 2014 Today’s posting is about our happy shopping at Bodhgaya. There is a Buddhism and Hindi souvenir shop which was opened in Feb, 2014 by our friend, Mr. Rakan. When we met Mr. Rakan for the first time, it was in front of Mahabodhi Temple. “Why don’t you come […]

Making Miso Soup at 3300m point on Himalaya

I also wrote about this story on my serial publication, “MISO SOUP IN THE WORLD“(in Japanese), to (世界新聞). Please check that out as well. Here is a village called Upper Pisang at 3300m altitude on Himalaya mountain range. I made miso soup at a guesthouse where my husband and I stayed and served it […]

Nepali Woman Tries Miso on Himalaya

I brought miso to Himalaya trekking for 22days too. When we were having a rest during the trek while eating a little bit of miso, a lady passenger started talking to us in Nepali. I had no clue what she was saying, but asked her if she also wants to eat the miso we had. […]

Japan Miso Press

Let’s look miso over again for your beauty and health! Japan Miso Press is a newspaper which publishes 50 thousands copies every year. Now I am contributing articles from “味噌玉世界旅 Take a Scoop of Miso with You” for the next half a year. The cover photo is Miso Girl who is promoting miso and Japanese […]

Apple and Chang, Himalayan Speciality Food

Himalaya is famous for apple production Every single guesthouse on the mountain had “apple pie” on their food menus. The apple pie that we bought at a guesthouse at 3300m altitude was very tasty on the next day. The apple stuffing inside has absorbed the sugar, oil, and chocolate well after letting it sleep over […]

Food I had in Himalaya and Pokhara

Here is food that I had in Himalaya and Pokhara. “Dalbhat”, One of the most famous Nepali dish “Dal” means lentil soup, “bhat” means rice. Dal is also served in Indian dishes too. However, dal in Nepal tastes different from the Indian’s. It is sort of less spicy but more beans and tastes more like […]