Apple and Chang, Himalayan Speciality Food

Himalaya is famous for apple production

Every single guesthouse on the mountain had “apple pie” on their food menus.
The apple pie that we bought at a guesthouse at 3300m altitude was very tasty on the next day. The apple stuffing inside has absorbed the sugar, oil, and chocolate well after letting it sleep over a night.

It was so easy to make as you could make it home. Slice an apple, add sugar and chocolate powder, and make a dumpling and deep fry it.




The apples here are harvested last year then being stored at a cool storage. It tasted not so sweet but sour to eat in fresh. It kind of tasted like wild one. I liked it though.

As you walk into a big village, you are more likely to find apple pie baked with an oven. It also tastes great.

Nepali apple capital, Marpha village were even selling apple brandy that are locally produced. It is great to drink straight.


Nepali and Tibetan local beer, Chang

When you hear “Chang”, you might think of Thai beer, Chang, but here I am talking about the Tibetan and Nepali homemade beer called Chang in their languages. It is made of either rice or millet.

Crumble The fermented rice many times to squeeze the alcohol out. Once you have enough amount of the alcohol squeezed out, you pour it again onto the rice and repeatedly squeeze the rice. After repeating this for several times, the chang is ready to be served. It tastes sour and very good.

I had a chance to try it at a guesthouse run by a Tibetan family. It reminded me of fermented mare’s like, (馬乳酒) that I had in Mongolia because of the sourness.







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