Food I had in Himalaya and Pokhara

Here is food that I had in Himalaya and Pokhara.

“Dalbhat”, One of the most famous Nepali dish

“Dal” means lentil soup, “bhat” means rice. Dal is also served in Indian dishes too. However, dal in Nepal tastes different from the Indian’s. It is sort of less spicy but more beans and tastes more like Western homemade style. I personally like the Nepali dal better for my daily meal. Additionally, pickles like Korean Kimchi, stir fried curry, and sometime stir fried and fresh vegetable are served on the side. It is known to be very balanced nutritious food among Nepali people as well.


Momo is much like dumplings in many other countries where have Chinese influence. We have that in Japan too. Inside, you get to choose either buffalo, chicken, vege, potato cheese. The sauces is also good. It’s chili based on tomato, garlic and coriander and has lots of spices.



“mein” means noodle in Chinese. We do have very similar fried noodle called “yaki soba” in Japan as well. It is spicier in Nepal. When the noodle is home made, it tastes so much nicer. Nepali food is awesome because they make it home from scratch in a lot of cases.


It is noodle again, but the noodle is thicker. Again, there is a similar dish in Japan and this means there is a Chinese influence in both areas.

“tibetan bread”
It tastes like simple doughnut. It’s high in calorie and perfect for trekking.

“chanba porridge”
You are good to go if you eat this in the morning. It will keep you energetic until lunch time. They roast wheat flour power first and store it. When they eat it, they cook the power with milk, water, and butter sometime.


And, Mars. Mars and Snickers are the best energy food on mountain. Make sure to bring back the plastics.


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