Monthly Archives: May 2014

My Favorite Coconuts Dish in India

India is going mad. The daytime temperature sometimes exceeds 40℃. Still, there are those Indian men who ride a cycle ricksha, pushing a wheelbarrow to deliver or sell something in this hot weather. On the other hand, I get dizzy if I go outside on a daytime just to eat something even. This hot weather […]

Vegetable in India!

In North India, when you want to buy vegetable, you go to stalls or wheelbarrows. Isn’t this Sikhist’s shop owner so nice? I bought a carrot, a radish, some armenian cucumbers (snake cucumbers), bitter gourds, eggplants and mints. They costed 35 Rs for all. I also got a bottle of vinegar for 50 Rs to […]

A Story about Nutrition Told by a Monk in Nepal

I heard a valuable story from a Nepali monk in Lumbini. “Poor village women sell their nutritious beans to buy white bread. They also sell their brown rice to buy white polished rice to feed their kids. This is how the misconception of modernisation making their health situations even worse.” Isn’t a similar thing occurring […]

Japan Miso Press May Issue

Let’s look miso over again for your beauty and health! Japan Miso Press is a newspaper which publishes 50 thousands copies every year. Now I am contributing articles from “味噌玉世界旅 Take a Scoop of Miso with You” for the next half a year. The publication for May was the second time for me to contribute. […]