Monthly Archives: June 2014

A Japanese Restaurant Makes Homemade Miso in Dharamsala

I had the worst tummy trouble in Dharamsala, India since we started traveling one year ago. I was in bed for a week in the two weeks of the whole stay in Dharamsala. I have heard from some terrible experience from one of my travel friends that she had carried diarrhea for eight months! I […]

Meeting up with Miso Girls in India!

It was very nice to see Japanese people here in India. These twin sisters who we met for the first time were lovely interesting people. They work for different Japanese companies in near New Delhi. At the same time as they work, they are titled to be “Miso Girls” in their private lives. Who are […]

Tibetan Food in Dharamsala

I went to Dharamsala, where there is the Tibetan government in exile since 1954. The Tibetan population who has fled to Dharamsala is over hundred thousands since then. Nowadays, there are many Tibetan people who were born in Dharamsala, and accordingly there are increasing Tibetan 2nd or 3rd generation in India. . They happened to […]

Japan Miso Press June Issue

Let’s look miso over again for your beauty and health! Japan Miso Press is a newspaper which publishes 50 thousands copies every year. Now I am contributing articles from “味噌玉世界旅 Take a Scoop of Miso with You” for the next half a year. June edition is just issued.   [ My serial publication ] […]