The World Luxury Food, Coffee and Alcohol

I think Turkish people know how to enjoy food really. They drink tea very often anytime of the day, but they also enjoy slowly and carefully brewed coffee sometime after eating. The Turkish wine called Raki is also good. It is clear and simple but got natural sweet taste and good with fruits, lam, fish, anything simple and good.

Turkish Coffee

This is Turkish coffee. The coffee power is boiled from water in a special pod for coffee, then you drink only the liquid part of the coffee leaving the power on the bottom of the cup. It is full-bodied and flavory.


This is the package.

The key is to put out the fire right BEFORE boiling.

Scoop the bubbles on the surface in the pod then put into the cups. So when you drink it, it has bubbles like cappuccino. If you like sugar, pour the coffee until half of the cup, then add sugar into the pod. Fill the cup with the sweetened coffee.


It is made of grapes and has an alcohol content of 45%. Serve it chilled very well and drink with seasonal sweet melon or simply seasoned meat or fish would be nice.

The colour changes from clear to white after adding water.

This time, we got lam meat seasoned by salt and pepper. It’s just good enough for the side dish.

How did you like them? Thanks for reading!

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  1. […] Turkish coffee differs from what we have in the West and Japan where had been influenced from the West. They roast and grind the coffee beans really fine, then boil from water. When it is served in a cup, you find the power sank in the bottom. You just drink the liquid part and leave the rest in the cup. […]

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