One of the Best Breakfast in Our Trip

I have met a Turkish men who claims that Turkish bread is the best in the world.

“The best”?! This might be too much to claim but I know what he means. The Turkish bread is fresh and cheap. People buy loaves of breads every day and bakeries bake tasty breads. There are not too many varieties but the Turkish bread is good with anything or with just itself. That is like Japanese Koshihikari rice! 😀





Their breakfast is bread with jam, cheese, eggs, yogurt and so on. They are ALL good!

And in a place called Van, where is in the east side of Turkey, got a big honey production. You get honey with the comb on the breakfast. It is of course 100% pure honey but not too sweet and texture is really smooth. I could not stop eating for a while!






You also find a lot of honey souvenir shops in Van.

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