Monthly Archives: September 2014

Turkish Wedding Party at Kurtkoy

We have come across wedding parties several times in our trip. The first one was in Malaysia, then a few times in India, another one in Kurdish area of Turkey, finally this one in Kurtkoy, West Turkey. I enjoyed the music at all the weddings. They play their ethnic/traditional music. Dancing was especially enjoyable in […]

Miso Dishes

I have been trying to make miso dishes that is not just miso soup. At Chevrel’s house in Turkey, I did some experimental cooking. Miso dressing with tahin Grilled gingered eggplants with green onion miso sauce Potato curry with miso Miso dressing with tahin Tahin dressing was good but I think it would have been […]

Volunteering for a British Couple in Turkey

When we were traveling in Turkey, we temporally lived with a British couple while volunteering for them in exchange of foods and beds. Precious to this house, we had also stayed at a Turkish family’s house to volunteer, sleep, eat and exchange cultures. Both experiences had been great. While the Turkish family fed us authentic Turkish healthy food […]