Miso Dishes

I have been trying to make miso dishes that is not just miso soup.

At Chevrel’s house in Turkey, I did some experimental cooking.

  • Miso dressing with tahin
  • Grilled gingered eggplants with green onion miso sauce
  • Potato curry with miso

Miso dressing with tahin
Tahin dressing was good but I think it would have been better with stuff like rocket salad, celery stick salad, or broccoli than the salad of chopped random vegetables. I should have used it alternative to mayonnaise dipping than olive oil and lemon based dressing.


Grilled gingered eggplants with green onion miso scauce
I liked green onion miso sauce the best. It is good on the eggplants and rice!

Potato curry with miso
It was a good idea to add miso into potato curry that became too spicy with too much spices. 🙂 The taste became much milder after adding a bit of miso.



Overall, I think it would be the easiest to use miso by not mixing with other seasonings. If you are mixing it, not only the combination with the other seasoning but also what kind of food you are using for matters a lot…

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