I could be homesick in Monaco

I think you will too have some culture shock when you come to Monaco during your backpacking trip.

We always carry the minimum amount of clothes and wash by hands. When there is a hole on our clothes, we patch it and wear again.

One day when we were on a middle class train coach in India, a middled aged man asked us if Ken’s clothes with a patch is fashion or not. We answered it is not, then he seemed to be surprised and told us that in India, it is a symbol of being poor! Oh yes, I get it. My grandma would tell me the same sought of stuff.

So that is us. We have been trying to be away from anything costly, but in Monaco, you cannot live without spending a lot of money.

Some of the images of Monaco are, for example,,,

The second smallest country after Vatican
The famous casino
Grace Kelley who was once a top Hollywood actress then became a princes of Monaco
Internationally broadcasted Rally championship and F1

It is just fancy, eh!

They are Charlene Wittstock and Albert II, who is the princes and prince of Monaco in the photo.

In such a small country, there is a royal family and a palace to live. The photo is Prince’s Palace of Monaco and partly open to the public.
mn02 mn03

The roads are used for F1 and rally championship. They are pubic roads when there is no championships.

Me taking the photo of the road.

City Views

Buildings over buildings. The land price costs as much as Ginza, Japan, so that means it is impossible to live for regular people. When I passed a real estate agency and looked at an advertisement of a flat, it was like a few hundreds millions. There is one “0” extra on top of a flat would cost in Japan.
mn06 mn07 mn08

There you see many cruises. I am sure many of them are privately owned!

Oh ya, one of the most shocking things was the cars! I even witnessed people getting off the car while the window is opened and a bag still inside the car. It shows how safe in Monaco. CRAZY. I read from the link below that there are 520 security cameras in the entire city, which means the entire country. So there are 26 cameras in 100㎡.(IT Web
mn10 mn11 mn12

Even a puppy looks rich!

So the reason why we came to Monaco, a place is not for us? Because I had friends. They are friends of my father and it was a good idea to meet up as we traveled from north Italy to south France.

They are very kind people and once we entered their house, it was like a home to us.

White Japanese kind of rice, pork-fillet cutlet, and miso soup. It felt really warm and welcoming.

They made us tiramisu that they had perfected by practicing hundred times some years ago! I can say it was the best tiramisu ever. I was very moved and was on the verge of tears.

It was like a dream that we were in Monaco, but it was like dreaming in the dream when we were in their house.
I think I would have become homesick if I didn’t meet them in Monaco.

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