Rolling Crêpes in France

I finally got to try the French crêpe in France! I was totally in love with the simple style.

Like many other Japanese people, I like crêpes. What we have in Japan have many variety. There are different kinds of salad type and dessert type. I like them both. The crêpe I tried in France was homemade and simple. I think this is the best!

So here you go the secret recipe.

Ingredients(12 servings)

All purpose flour 1cup
Sugar 1tbs
Salt 1/4tbs
Egg 3
Milk 2cup
Butter 1tbs

1. Sift together flour, sugar, and salt and set aside.
2. Beat the eggs and milk then mix with an electric hand mixer.
3. Add 1. and melted butter into 2. and stir.
4. Heat the pan into the medium heat, put butter from the age of the pan so the tip won’t get burnt.
5. Scoop and pour 3. into the pan, quickly tip and rotate the pan to make it as thin as possible.
6. Flip side when you see bubbles.

Key point 1
The pan was very flat. They said it’s only for making crepe. How nice!

Key point 2
For the stuffing, I was asked if I like Nutella or Lemon juice with sugar. I have tried nutella, so decided to go with the lemon. This makes the crepe really simple but good!



Key point 3
How to roll and eat it. This cute boy folded the tips on both the right and the left sides of the crêpe paper, then rolled it from the top to the bottom.

If I tried to eat with a knife and fork, he insisted me to roll it and eat by hands…

So, I tried it like him, and it was good! Because it is rolled, you can enjoy the texture of the layers. I also think that the crêpe paper won’t get dried quickly in this way.


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