Going to see Dr. Citrus

This is about when we went to meet a citrus collector in Eus, South France.

We hopped on a train which runs only a few times a day to see this very interesting man from a few hours away in another part of France. Ken, my husband, also has a page on this adventure with more photos.

We had some time to spare until the time we promised to meet, so we strolled around and found a village with a big old church.


There are persimmon trees everywhere.


You know how much I like this fruit?! It’s called “Kaki” in Japanese and also in French, and “Cachi” in Italian. It’s sweet and orange and only available in autumn if it’s in Japan…


You cannot take someone’s fruit when you are in someone else’s homeland especially! No you shouldn’t.

It is interesting climate around here. Since it’s high in altitude and gets much colder than the flat area of the neighborhood, but you can find cactus. (I had a chance to eat the fruits of cactus in South Italy and it was very good!)

It’s time to visit. Let’s go in!

Here are the the citrus collector and his son. They were super sweet. Sorry for the blurry photo.

They showed me around plants that I never seen. They sell nursery trees mainly but also sell the leaves and the fruits to high quality restaurants.

They also have some plants that are Japanese origin. He pointed at a plant explaining that it is Bontan. I thought Bontan is from Kumamoto prefecture, so I said “Kumamoto?!”. He corrected me that Bontan is from Kagoshima and Kumamoto is known for Bampeiyu. I was amazed how much he knows and devoted his life to citruses!

We were very thankful to those people in the citrus garden. I sent a package of miso for Christmas since I know they like it. I wonder if it arrived safely… 😉

Thank you!

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