Dali, Caqui, and Pork

It took for a while for us to decide to go to Spain.

It could have been just fine, but when we were planning out trip for Spain, there were news about Ebola disease infection just found in Spain.

What made us go to Spain was the fact that we were already in France really close to the Spanish border at that time anyway. Plus, we have been longing for Spain for a long time. So, we ended up spending 4 days in Catalonia. Ken, my husband, has written a blog on this trip with more photos as well.

Catalonia was a place where the majority claiming for their independence from Spain. Also it’s a place where Dali grew up and there are Dali’s museums.


Maybe great arts can be born from a person who thought about his or her identity deep down inside.




Although it was a short stay, it was fun to stroll around the town. I was shocked to see this much pork.


Kaki is spelled ”Caqui” here.


I found a nice couple on a train from Spain to Paris.

「Darling, our son is turning 40 soon. I wonder if he ever gets married.」
「Don’t worry. Whatever will be, will be」

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