Cold Paris

“I am getting tired.” I suddenly felt our trip has been very long in dark and rainy Paris, at the end of Nov, 2014.

I remember an essay that I have read in my junior or high school time. The story was written by a Japanese man who had stayed in Paris when he was young. He wrote “one day when he was feeling cold and poor in Paris, he met a French woman who served him a warm onion soup. He thinks back about the day with full of appreciation. He thinks that he is never going to hate Paris because of this experience. ”

Anyway, we had not have a chance to meet such a woman in Paris. Because every price went up there, we had no choice but eat French bread and cheese spread at every meal.


We stayed at an airbnb in Paris since it is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel. The house served dinner for 10€ per person which was not so expensive compared to the restaurants around.

One day when we couldn’t buy French bread, we decided to order the dinner at the house.


It was melted cheese with prosciutto. The lady at the house explained to me that they eat this food before winter comes to prepare for the cold weather.

I felt our trip has been very long.


  1. The trip is very long but your lives are rich with experiences! I know that more exciting adventures and happy times lie ahead for you and Ken, and when you get home there will be no better place. Take care and godspeed!

    1. Thank you Nat! I will believe so too! Haha

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