Wandering in London

We finally made our way to London!

When I woke up on the over-night bus which ran from Paris to London, and looked around outside the window, we were already in the centre of London where there were full of people, cars, taxis, and bicycles rushing for work.

I said in my mind, it’s like in Tokyo!



A lot of films were shot in London, but what I think of first is this movie, “Closer”. It came out when I was just before turning twenty and went to watch with my brother when I went to see him in the US.

I like one scene where a British man, played by Jude Law, says “Please remember our traffic tends to come from the right.” to Natalie Portman who plays a role of an American girl who is not used to London and gets hit by a car.

You see many sings of “Look Right”, “Look left”, and “Look both ways” on pedestrian crossings.



One of the things we wanted to do in London was to see a play. Ken, my husband, also writes how we loved “Wicked” on his blog.



London buses are very picturesque.



London in December had full of Christmas decorations. I thought Christmas plays a big role on illuminating the people’s minds when there is little sun light in those European countries…



Another thing I loved about London was the parks. Especially we went to Kensington Gardens almost everyday. I was also surprised to know that there is a private park system. Some flat apartments share the cost of owning a park and make it exclusive. Isn’t it special?



Oh yes, my friend who let us stay in London lives in a flat that also has one of those exclusive parks. It was such a nice neighborhood.



I am super thankful to my friend who let us stay in her house. I was happy to catch up with her!



Three of us made a small trip to Edinburgh.

ld09 ld10


It was my first time to see the sun never goes right over my head. This is why people say UK is cloudy!



It was cool with those old stone buildings.

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