Bad is bad! Food in UK

I was absolutely excited being in my dream place, London. However the food woke me up from the dream.

Fish and Chips! I don’t need to mention that it’s one of the representatives of British food.


Deep fly the plain white fish and season it with lemon juice and salt. It’s not bad. Since it is a simple dish, there are many points, such as the freshness of the fish and crunchiness of the coatings and so on, that the chef needs to be careful of.

I think though that I cannot bring my grandmother over here because she wouldn’t find anything to eat.

London is an international city. There are many attractive restaurants that I found on a restaurants guide book and also restaurants that serve international cuisines like Indian, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, French and many others. It would be more fun if I had money.

It is just too bad that food at cheap prices are usually not enough to eat healthy.

When I was in the north Scotland where there were not so many options like in London, only thing I could easily find and possibly pay was a meat pie called pasty.

For example, Jumbo Chicken and Chorizo Roll! Chicken would have been happier alone and vice-versa.

Haggis is Scottish food which sheep organs stuffed into stomach and cooked like sausages. I have to brace myself to eat buttery pie with greasy meat inside, nevertheless haggis made it doubly challenging. I am ok with pies and I am also ok with haggis, but I am just not used to stuffing meat into pies. To tell you the truth though, I felt easier when I was writing this in Japanese because there should be many others who would agree with me, but I am afraid not in English. I might get punched on my face by the readers.

I went to a supermarket in the north Scotland and found this potatoes on the wagon beside the huge frozen meat dish section. “Perfect dinner is ready by just warming up the frozen food and cook the potatoes.”, huh!

An emotional Italian guy would cry if he sees this combination of tomato sauce pasta and mayonnaise pasta.

A breakfast in Edinburgh. This meat, meat, meat, two eggs and beans-dish beat me up.

Muffin was good.

* Please don’t take it seriously. I am half joking!


  1. You should have tried a roast dinner, there’s more to British food than Fish and chips! Should of visited Manchester!

    1. Yes they are really good! British sweet pastries are my favorite as well. Their selection of alcohol is amazing too! Yeah I should have visited Manchester but staying in London doing really nothing was a real rest for our long time travel. It really gave us energy back. I cannot forget how relaxing London was. Thank you for the comment. 🙂

  2. LOL about the emotional italian guy and the ‘pasta’.

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