I like Berlin because the people were nice

We are often asked which country was the best so far in our trip. It is very difficult to answer. Every country has its own charm. Therefore our answer would be many, for example this to eat, that to work, and that to visit friends.


Berlin, though, gave us one of the best impressions.


The reason was very simple. The people we met on the first day were all nice to us .


On the other word, it is that simple for tourists to like a foreign country. The first impression is important. We stayed for 10 days in total in Berlin, but fortunately the first impression has never changed.


The bus driver was kind

Sadly we don’t speak a word of German. Most people in Germany seem to understand basic English at least, some speak very well, and a few don’t speak at all. For me, coming from Japan, where kids lean English at school for 6 years but speak so little, the German’s fluent English seems to be a real miracle. Anyway in this time, the bus driver did not speak English. We approached to him and told the name of the bus stop where we wanted to get off. He gave us a shout as arriving the stop and smiled.



Changing places in a ticket line

Two of us and a man arrived at the line almost at the same time. Maybe he was slightly before us. He gave us his spot saying “go ahead”. You realize this is not normal after traveling a world where people seem not to know how efficient it is for equally everyone to make a line. This is why this gentleman seemed to me a gentleman of the gentlemen.


“Do you need any help?”

We were looking at the map of metro at the platform. A young lady came and asked me if I need any help. I was thankful for her kindness so so so much that my backpack felt lighter suddenly.


Waiters are nice and speak English

Somehow people in Germany think that travelers don’t speak German and speak to us in English like it is normal. Of course they don’t give us a confused and troubled face after we speak English. Thanks to that, we were able to ask questions to a waiter and select the kinds of beer that we wanted among the hundreds of kinds of beer at a pub.


It was when we were buying a beer to drink after getting back to the hotel. I was not used to Euro money and having a trouble choosing the right coins that I had on my hand. I gave up and handed a paper money instead. The casher said, “It’s ok for me to get this note and give you back the change, but didn’t you want to pay by coins?” YES, I DID! So he helped me choosing the right coins from my hand. I like seeking the solution through communication!


I just hope that travelers who come to Japan also find it nice there like I did in Berlin. 🙂


  1. We have heard so many positive things about Berlin… we can’t wait to visit it too!

    1. Nat, we had only 10 days there. It was way too short. I hope you guys will have more time to enjoy! 🙂

  2. that’s really nice to read, because it is often said that berliners are typically grumpy and unfriendly. i live here for some time now and i usually find them very friendly, too. it’s probably just the old ‘what goes around comes around’ thing 🙂

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