I loved the Afternoon tea in London

Y is a girl who showed us everything that we know about London now.

I asked her out for the Afternoon tea on Sunday. She excitedly took us to one of her favorite tea houses in London. The house was cute, warm and filled with nice smell of tea.

The three tier cake plate was decorated with sandwiches on the bottom, muffins on the middle, and a colourful cake on the top. You start eating from the bottom and then to the top. The combination of those snacks depends on the tea house where you go, Y taught us. What cannot be missed here is, of course, to chat over the tea! tea

The tea is served in a beautiful pottery with a gorgeous tier cake plate. The girls who were sitting next to our table looked so cute together with everything on the table. This is the afternoon tea magic! Everyone can be a princess.

The tea leaves pickers in India must be surprised to know how gorgeously served their tea is!

The afternoon tea…

If this fun ritual was brought over Japan, the three storied plates could be a three storied lacquered box. I would like the first thing to eat to be vegetable pickles such as asazuke or nukazuke to fresh up, then the next thing would be tasty ohagi (of “yomogi” flavour) to fill my stomach, then the last to be yatsuhashi (I would rather have it without read beans but sure with cinnamon). I wish yatsuhashi, which is petit refined sweets made in Kyoto, won’t be substituted by hoshi-imo, the dried sweet potato snack that is the specialty of Ibaraki where I am from. I like hoshi-imo but it’s not elegant enough to be “afternoon tea”. Going to “izakaya” to have some “oden” after the Afternoon tea sounds is tempting. ;P

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