Food Food Food! Christmas Market in Berlin

I do recommend you to visit the christmas markets if you want to feel warm while you are in Germany.

I have read an article on the airplane magazine which I found on the flight from Germany to Cuba. It was about a German woman who successfully runs cake shops in the UK. It says that she went to London to study gastronomy but what she missed was the christmas markets in Germany. Oh yes, I can imagine that.

I expected the christmas market to be less than what I thought from the imported October Fest in Japan where has food stands selling mainly sausages and beer. However, the christmas markets had traditional home-cooking hot meals and also, needless to say, the sausages. Yum!

Here you go the photos.

It’s hot and succulent.


The shop staff were working in a crisp manner. All the shops are very busy in the entire market.


We shall skip the donuts for the awaiting hot meals ahead of us.


The big pots look like those in a witch’s kitchen.


Pork and cabbage.


Cooked in tomate sauce, potatos, and hamburgers.


Mashrooms cooked in butter. I felt I must try this.


Then here it comes a complete meal size dish!


Ken ordered sauerkraut and pork. I think I can keep eating only the sauerkraut as a complete meal. It’s that good.


On the other day we returened, I orered this. Yum.


Can you see a burning thirst for appetite from them? That’s how to enjoy christmas market!


A waffle while feeling guilty pleasure.


Hot wine.


Hot wine of red and white. They are made of organic wine.


Here are the bottles which you are able to purchase as well.


Wow again sauerkraut, curried mashed potatoes, and sausage.



They cook it right infront of you! The smell brings the next people to line up.


Dessert which are made without sugar. Not so sweet but really tasty. It has cream of chestnuts inside. Yum.


Espresso coffee. It’s organic.


Small van can be a fun shop!


It’s fish sandwich. I like so much how German tend to season everything in a not too complicated way but not so simple either.


Roasted almond as a christmas delicacy.


He is roasting them now. He looked very tired. Imagine happy people make a line all the time and he has to work without a rest. Haha

Did you the photos warm you up?
I found a family carrying a christmas tree at a train station. How nice.

We visited three christmas markets this time. The size goes smaller as you go down.

Weihnachts Zauber am Gendarmenmarkt
>Gendarmenmarkt1 10117 Berlin
Good access from the city centre.

Weihnachtsmarkt am Potsdamerplatz
>Alte Potsdamerstr. 1 10785 Berlin
Good access from the city centre.

Advents-Ökomarkt am Kollwitzplatz
>Kollwitzplatz 10435 Berlin

It’s a bit far, but the concept is “ecology” therefore interesting.

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