Sharing miso soup in Venezuela

I met Jhon Michel and Jhon Nickel in the hotel where I am staying in Mérida. Michel is 13 and Nickel is 12 years old. Their mom is just 28 years old.

Moms in Venezuela in general tend to be young. When I see around 10 years old kids, their moms happen to be like my age. Unmm.

I got to talk with the mom when both of us were cooking. Since then the boys also came to talk to me thanks to their very curious minds. Oneday we shared the cabbage miso soup over fun but broken Spanish conversations.


Michel on the left in the photo, left the table for a second and bought the cup of soup to his mom to make her taste it. According to him, she liked it. Nickel also liked it but left out the cabbage in the cup.

Actually I was really happy to see him finishing the liquid part, the soup, because I think what makes it miso soup really is the soup. I say this because some of those who never had miso soup leave the soup after finishing the vegetable.

The finner for them was cereal on the day. The boys asked me if I had sugar. They started sprinkling it into their cups of cereal! Oh wow this meminded me how much kids love sugar.

 I passed a bottle of coka cola to them after they finished the cereal dinner. Then Nikel started mixing sugar again into his glass of coke. He was laughing as he saw me being shocked at the sweetest coke in the world.


I asked them if it is DANGEROUS in Caracas where they are from. They said no. When they told me the reason though, the image of “dangerous Caracas” poped up in my head and remained for good.

According to them, I am safe because I don’t have a gun, so it won’t lead to a fight. Also because I have money, I can run away by giving the robber some money. (How thrilling, I mean! I will never ever go ti Caracas if I can! )

The boys said they want to be a basketball player and a baseball player. 🙂

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