Update about me

It has been a year and ten months since I started this around-the-world trip. 

I was 27 year-old when I quit my job to begin the trip. 

My mother asked me when I am thinking to become a mother, then I relpied to her proudly that I “plan” to finish the travel at the age of 29 then work for a couple of years, then have two kids until the age of 35! She smiled and said to me that those things won’t go that easily, my dear. Her words have never left my head. 

The age of 30 is certainly approaching to me. 

However, I believe that it was worth taking so much time to travel. 

I gained self-confidence in communicating and working with people from across the globe through volunteering in Mongolia, Malaysia, Turky, Italy and France. ( I also learned how to sweep out animal poop and dig up soil and so on through this wonderful volunteering experience! ) 

Plus, I started to remember English that I used to be better at the late years of my studying in Canada. I forgot so much of it after working in a Japanese company in Tokyo. The speaking skill is not yet as well as before but I feel I can read faster.  Now I am taking Spanish lessons in the South America. You will have more fun if you can talk to more people, believe me. 

(I don’t want to forget to add that my Japanese got better too through publishing blods snd reading more Japanese novels. Yeah? You can feel it too?! )

Taking a 10 days course of Vipassana Buddhist meditation was influential personally. I wouldn’t have a motivation to take the course if I wasn’t on a long term travel. 

Also being separated from a organization gave me a chance to take a pause and rethink how I should behave to maximize my value in a society. 

More importantly the people I have met in this travel is a huge gain. I met more interesting Japanese people than when I was in Japan being a “salaried-woman”. This is sort of natural because what I was doing in Japan was boring.  

I am very happy that I met lots of people through making and serving miso soup as well. Contributing articles to the web and paper magazines was exciting for me too. 

Last but not least, I am happy and my husband is happy to spend the last almost two years without a fight. I am really thankful! 

On the other hand though, there are things that I lost as well. I haven’t met my family and friends during these years.  Especially I want to see my grand parents! 

After I go back, I want to give back slowly to those people who I cherish. 

Gotta go home then! :p

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