cuba night life

There was a musical band that we really liked in Old Havana, but unfortunately I don’t know their name because I didn’t ask. We visited the bar to listen to them for a few times while having daiquiri or mojito.

It is cooler at night than in day time and safe to walk through out the day in Havana. We dropped by the bar at the end of the day and walked back home where is only 10 minutes away from the bar.

This is the bar with our favorite musical band in Old Havana, Cuba. I’m not sure but it’s around Obispo and Aguacate.

DSC_2172 DSC_2147

Please tell me if you know the name of this band. All members are young and they seem to be having fun while playing.

Besides this particular band that we liked, there are hundreds of other musical bands out there in Havana and they play at bars. These places for tourists and ones for the local people tend to be distinct because those bars which attract the tourists charge about $3 and above for a drink which is not affordable to the majority of the locals. One day one of our Cuban friends took us to a live music house where both the locals and tourists come, and I was charged $5 entrance fees where as it was a few dollars less for our Cuban friend. In other words, that place was being friendly to both the locals and the tourists who ever love the music. The band was called Interactivo and the night was priceless!

Music can be found anywhere in Cuba.

One day while walking near our homestay, we saw a house with people dancing and singing. I asked what this was for to my homestay host, but I just couldn’t understand because of my limited Spanish!

I have read on a some travel guide book that African culture strongly remained in Cuba because when the African were brought as slaves, they were kept together with family and ethnicity.  I would love to be back in Havana to enjoy the music.


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