Desserts in Cuba

Not everyday but almost everyday, I wanted to have sweets in Cuba! 

Chocolate shop

There is a chocolate museam and a shop in the centre of Old Havana. They sell chocolates in pieces so the local people also can afford it. A piece was from 40 cents as I remember.

I often bought one for Ken and one for me. 


Crepe shop

The shop has just opened when I was in Cuba. The owner is a very nice Japanese lady, Sayuri, who lives in Old Havana. They have both dessert crepes and light-meal crepes. I loved them all but often ordered the one with custard cream with banana. The local people were curious about the new style of snacks and seemed to love it! Also I want to have it now. I forgot the price but I think the dessert crepe was around a dollar and affordable to the locals too.

The location of Crepe Sayu: Aguacate and between Obispo and Obra pía 


Pai de coco

They are called pai de coco, coconut pie to translate. I am not sure how it’s made but there is like the jam of coconuts flesh inside the sponge part which is also flavoured with coconut. 

I always bought it when I found it because the vender didn’t  always appear on streets. I think it was less than 50 cents per one piece.


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