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Desserts in Cuba

Not everyday but almost everyday, I wanted to have sweets in Cuba!  Chocolate shop There is a chocolate museam and a shop in the centre of Old Havana. They sell chocolates in pieces so the local people also can afford it. A piece was from 40 cents as I remember. I often bought one for […]

Sharing miso soup in Venezuela

I met Jhon Michel and Jhon Nickel in the hotel where I am staying in Mérida. Michel is 13 and Nickel is 12 years old. Their mom is just 28 years old. Moms in Venezuela in general tend to be young. When I see around 10 years old kids, their moms happen to be like […]

Food Food Food! Christmas Market in Berlin

I do recommend you to visit the christmas markets if you want to feel warm while you are in Germany. I have read an article on the airplane magazine which I found on the flight from Germany to Cuba. It was about a German woman who successfully runs cake shops in the UK. It says […]

My Whisky and Whiskey experience in Sapporo and Scotland

The first time I have tried whisky was in Sapporo, the north island of Japan. I was sent by the company that I used to work in Tokyo to work at their office in Sapporo for 8 months when I was about 24-25 years old. I loved the life in Sapporo. More than in Tokyo, […]

Bad is bad! Food in UK

I was absolutely excited being in my dream place, London. However the food woke me up from the dream. Fish and Chips! I don’t need to mention that it’s one of the representatives of British food. Deep fly the plain white fish and season it with lemon juice and salt. It’s not bad. Since it […]

Going to see Dr. Citrus

This is about when we went to meet a citrus collector in Eus, South France. We hopped on a train which runs only a few times a day to see this very interesting man from a few hours away in another part of France. Ken, my husband, also has a page on this adventure with […]

Rolling Crêpes in France

I finally got to try the French crêpe in France! I was totally in love with the simple style. Like many other Japanese people, I like crêpes. What we have in Japan have many variety. There are different kinds of salad type and dessert type. I like them both. The crêpe I tried in France […]