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Good Bye Our Motorcycles

After driving them for a month, they definitely appealed to us as such lovable motorbikes that we don’t want to let them go away! Now I miss them so much. We planned to travel around South East Asia such as Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam with the motorcycles, BUT we failed. Why? We bought […]

Driving Motorcycles from Bangkok to Myanmar Border

Have you ever heard of Asian High Way (AH)? It is a road that sounds like Silk Road at modern times, and does connect Japan and Turkey!!! However AH doesn’t have a long history as Silk Road and was established recently for the surrounding countries to raise their brand as a tourist attraction and friendship […]

Heading North from Bangkok

It’s been 10 days already after leaving Bangkok. We have been driving toward North little by little each day. Our motorbikes are Honda 120cc. I post some photos of our motorcycle touring on the road from Bangkok to Mae Hong Son. The first place where we stayed over after Bangkok was Ayutthaya. Did you know […]

Buying a Motorcycle in Bangkok

We are traveling the world sometimes by air, bus, train, boat, and any kind of popular transportation in a country where we are from time to time. However sometimes it sucks that we need to rely on limited options of transportation and can’t travel freely. Especially it is stressful when the transportation is under poor […]