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Desserts in Cuba

Not everyday but almost everyday, I wanted to have sweets in Cuba!  Chocolate shop There is a chocolate museam and a shop in the centre of Old Havana. They sell chocolates in pieces so the local people also can afford it. A piece was from 40 cents as I remember. I often bought one for […]

cuba night life

There was a musical band that we really liked in Old Havana, but unfortunately I don’t know their name because I didn’t ask. We visited the bar to listen to them for a few times while having daiquiri or mojito. It is cooler at night than in day time and safe to walk through out the […]

Old Habana

We liked Old Havana the most among the other touristic places that we visited in Cuba. It’s populated but at the same time the city is full of real music and culture. I told my 22 year-old Cuban friend who lives in the centre of Old Havana that I like the city showing those photos […]