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Cold Paris

“I am getting tired.” I suddenly felt our trip has been very long in dark and rainy Paris, at the end of Nov, 2014. I remember an essay that I have read in my junior or high school time. The story was written by a Japanese man who had stayed in Paris when he was […]

Going to see Dr. Citrus

This is about when we went to meet a citrus collector in Eus, South France. We hopped on a train which runs only a few times a day to see this very interesting man from a few hours away in another part of France. Ken, my husband, also has a page on this adventure with […]

Rolling Crêpes in France

I finally got to try the French crêpe in France! I was totally in love with the simple style. Like many other Japanese people, I like crêpes. What we have in Japan have many variety. There are different kinds of salad type and dessert type. I like them both. The crêpe I tried in France […]