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Italian’s Secret Weapon, Their Excellent Taste Buds!

Here I am at Piemonte in the north Italy. I love being in a countryside like here. It’s quite and the food tastes good. However, a countryside in Piemonte is not just a “countryside”. I hope you can sort of get an idea what I mean. There are wine fields as far as you can […]

Italy made my dream come true

“To live in a winery” was my dream when I was a junior high school student. The dream which I have almost forgotten came true this year in South Italy! Having said that though, I don’t consider my trip as just about fun. The stay at the winery in South Italy was like the “carrot” […]

How I get miso during the world trip

It’s already been one year and a half since we started traveling with miso. And now, it is about the time that everything we have done is coming to form a shape. I started to understand really how special my experience is through serving miso soup to the people all over the world. I am […]

Salone del Gusto 2014 and Japanese Food

I attended Salone del Gusto 2014 which is the biggest food festival in the world. Tachibana Hompo, which sends me miso from Nigata, Japan to where ever I am in the world, invited me to join on the last day of this event. I enjoyed it so much!   People come from all over Italy […]