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Japan Miso Press

Let’s look miso over again for your beauty and health! Japan Miso Press is a newspaper which publishes 50 thousands copies every year. Now I am contributing articles from “味噌玉世界旅 Take a Scoop of Miso with You” for the next half a year. The cover photo is Miso Girl who is promoting miso and Japanese […]

I Made Miso Soup to a Mongolian Couple

This post is translated from an article I wrote on MISO SOUP IN THE WORLD > 世界新聞. Miso is becoming broadly famous especially served as miso-soup. What would happen if Mongolian people who have very different food culture from Japanese eat miso soup?! I have been traveling the world since June 2013. The purpose of […]

Fermented Mare’s Milk

If you have a chance to try “calpis” drink in Japan, it might remind you of the fermented mare’s milk. In fact, the idea of calpis was brought back to Japan by a company stuff of Calpis who discovered 馬乳酒 in Mongolia.

One Wood-Burning Stove, One Plate

We thought about why Mongolian dishes are so limited in its variety. Yes there are numerous number of dairy products, but their daily meals are limited pretty much to wheat products and lam.  Here are our thoughts: Their food culture is based upon Mongolian nomadic style even though they live in a city nowadays: The […]

Miso into Mongolian Dish

Ben and we worked together for this old lady, Ott in a Hatgal. I made miso soup for Ott and Ben. I was happy to see how much Ben liked it but confused when Ott said she wanted to add the miso soup into a pot of mongolian noodle soup. I have to admit that […]

Delicious Bread and Origami

The best bread I had in Mongolia was at this house in Khovsgol area. It was a house we dropped by with Zolgo, our horse riding guide. I gave them an origami.

A Horse Back Ride Camping Tour

We joined a horse back ride camping tour in Khovsgol area. The horse guide’s name is Zolgo. Every time he made open fire, he shared Mongolian tea with us. I really wanted to share miso soup, but unfortunately we were not allowed to bring so much luggage. He  carried around dried yuk meat, which he […]