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Turkish Wedding Party at Kurtkoy

We have come across wedding parties several times in our trip. The first one was in Malaysia, then a few times in India, another one in Kurdish area of Turkey, finally this one in Kurtkoy, West Turkey. I enjoyed the music at all the weddings. They play their ethnic/traditional music. Dancing was especially enjoyable in […]

Volunteering for a British Couple in Turkey

When we were traveling in Turkey, we temporally lived with a British couple while volunteering for them in exchange of foods and beds. Precious to this house, we had also stayed at a Turkish family’s house to volunteer, sleep, eat and exchange cultures. Both experiences had been great. While the Turkish family fed us authentic Turkish healthy food […]

Making Burek, the Turkish Pie with Hanife

What I love about living with a Turkish family at a vegetable farm is that I get to eat lots of traditional food made of fresh vegetable. One day, the mother of the house where I stayed at made Turkish pie called Burek for us. She used an electric oven this time because that was […]

One of the Best Breakfast in Our Trip

I have met a Turkish men who claims that Turkish bread is the best in the world. “The best”?! This might be too much to claim but I know what he means. The Turkish bread is fresh and cheap. People buy loaves of breads every day and bakeries bake tasty breads. There are not too […]

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

I don’t really believe in fortune telling, but why not give it a try! Turkish coffee differs from what we have in the West and Japan where had been influenced from the West. They roast and grind the coffee beans really fine, then boil from water. When it is served in a cup, you find […]

The World Luxury Food, Coffee and Alcohol

I think Turkish people know how to enjoy food really. They drink tea very often anytime of the day, but they also enjoy slowly and carefully brewed coffee sometime after eating. The Turkish wine called Raki is also good. It is clear and simple but got natural sweet taste and good with fruits, lam, fish, […]

Making miso soup to Kurdish people in Turkey

We have met a lot of nice Kurdish people as we traveled from near the Turkish border in Iran to SouthEast Turkey. I tried making miso soup to some of them, but the fact is, none of them liked it. We were just walking down the street in Tabriz where is the Iranian border town […]